Virtual Field Trips

National Museum of USAF
-- Full 360 panoramas, with hot buttons to navigate and pull-down map
-- Audio tracks available for the different areas, all available for download and transcript
-- Each area is broken down into blue dots, for the different stops on the tour
--- Students could be assigned different areas to look at and report on to the class.
-- When you hover over an artifact and click, a popup window appears with information on the artifact and multimedia files, etc.

Goddard Mission Tour (NASA)
-- Each component of this tour can be done on a separate day....small chunks
-- Starts with the Idea, then goes through Design, Construction, etc...ends up with Scientific Analysis of the mission operations

Liberty Tour (Statue of Liberty)
Virtual tour of Statue of Liberty

Lascaux Caves (France)
An amazing virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves in France.

Virtual Field Trip Passport
Template for having students create their own virtual field trip passport

PDF Listing of Virtual Field Trips
Use of some of these sites would require coordinating with the technology department, as they would require setups on your computer to permit the sites.
Remember to preview any of these sites before sharing with your students to ensure that the site is still live, the content is appropriate, and the site is permitted through SISD filters.

Simple K-12s List of Field Trips
A listing that Simple K-12 provides for many, many virtual field trips, broken down by subject.
Be sure to preview these trips before using in class, as some may be blocked, inactive, or inappropriate for your class age group.