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Curriculum in Sharyland ISD is defined as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and the processes to be taught and learned at the appropriate levels/area or in courses in our schools. Sharyland ISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught, and tested curriculum. To accomplish the District goals and objectives, the curriculum, instruction, and assessment program are:

- Aligned with the state mandated curriculum
- Aligned with state mandated assessments and programs
- Designed to develop District priorities


Pamela Montalvo
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
(956) 580-5200

Flor "Karina" Garcia
Executive Assistant to Asst. Superintendent 
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1072
Fax: (956) 580-5214

Curriculum Directors

Cuahutemoc Paz
Director of Elementary Curriculum
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1042

Director of Secondary Curriculum
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1036

Imelda Reyes
Secretary to Curriculum Directors
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1096

Content Specialists

Ricardo Palomin
Mathematics Specialist
(956) 580-5200 ext 1056
Elida Salinas
English Language Arts & Reading Specialist
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1057
Science Specialist
(956) 580-5200 ext. 

Sara Rodriguez
Secretary to Content Specialists
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1097 

Instructional Software

Athit "Dede" Farias 
Instructional Software Specialist
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1016