2015 Diversity and Inclusion TLA Conference Stipend Winner

The Junior Library Guild partners with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of TLA to offer three conference stipends of $500 to defray the cost of attending the 2015 annual conference. Both librarians and paraprofessionals are encouraged to apply. Membership in TLA is required. 

 Janie B. Flores, Pioneer High School Librarian

 Mrs. Janie B. Flores, Pioneer High School Librarian, was selected as one of three recipients of the Junior Library Guild's Diversity and Inclusion TLA Stipend Award. She will receive $500 to help defray the expenses of attending the Texas Library Association Conference in Austin this April. According to a recommendation letter, " Mrs. Flores has always had a passion and determination to assist the underdog. Whether in the reading classroom or later when she became an elementary librarian(and now a high school librarian). She looks for ways to get the quiet students engaged. She has a keen sense of observation and a gift for conversation. Maybe her best quality for being able to pull students on the fringe of academic success into the spotlight is her ability to listen." Congratulations Mrs. Flores!

Janie B. Flores