Grants Awarded


Number of Grants

Total Amount

2004 - Round 1


$ 31,737.00

2004 - Round 2


$ 20,270.00

2005 - Round 3


$ 19,594.00

2005 - Round 4


$ 32,147.00

2006 - Round 5


$ 31,818.00

2006 - Round 6


$ 34,631.00

2007 - Round 7


$ 35,351.00

2007 - Round 8


$ 41,549.00

2008 - Round 9


$ 37,551.00

2008 - Round 10


$ 34,958.00

2009 - Round 11


$ 34,815.00

2009 - Round 12


$ 31,455.00

2010 - Round 13


$ 35,871.00

2010 - Round 14


$ 31,051.00

2011 - Round 15


$ 19,188.00

2011 - Round 16


$ 26,132.00

2012 - Round 17


$ 23,547.00

2012 - Round 18


$ 27,650.00

2013 - Round 19


$ 29,869.00

2013 - Round 20


$ 38,167.00
2014 - Round 21 

$ 27,360.74
2014 - Round 22 

$ 29,243.73 

2015 - Round 23

$ 31,091.19
2016 - Round 24 51    $45,918.92

$ 750,965.58

Round 24, Fall 2016

Round 23, Fall 2015

Round 22, Fall 2014

Round 21, Summer 2014 (PDF also includes 2013 Grant Information)

Round 20, Fall 2013
GRANT #2028- Reading & Writing in Math Class- Amount Awarded $1,500.00
Mathteachers want to promote AR reading and subject comprehension thoughthe use of math-related literature books and interactive writingjournals.
B.L. GRAY JUNIOR HIGH : Nancy Basaldua, Kerri de la Fuente,Mary Ann Jones, Mike Horn, Laura Salas, Michelle Hinsley, Romeo Cerda,April Tores, Magda Flores, Andres Benitz, Mark Bewley, MerthaMiller,Lindsey Gardner
GRANT #2085 - Building Confidence & Student Success- Amount Awarded $1039.8
Provide instruments for students to participate in competitions and various school and community performances.
B.L. GRAY JUNIOR HIGH: Cathi Quick, Mauricio Castellano, Victor Sanchez, Esther Rocha
$2539.80 Campus Total

GRANT #2048 - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs- Amount Awarded $780.54
Thestudents will have access to The Weather Pro 2 Internet WeatherStation, and have access to transmitted data collected and will be ableto report humidity, rainfall, temperature, wind chill an dew point.
B.L. GRAY JUNIOR HIGH: Nora Luna, Maria Luisa Salinas
GRANT #2082 - Classroom Library- Amount Awarded $720.00
Thepurpose of this grant is to increase student reading level and providelibrary skill which will make them more productive when they visit alibrary.
B. L. GRAY JUNIOR HIGH: Jose Guerrero, Monica Weigand, Sandra Horton, Rebecca Rodriguez, Julia Trevino
GRANT #2021 - The CBB Club Character Education - Galligan- Amount Awarded $973.65
Thestudents will meet on a monthly basis in shared inquiry groups todiscuss the book of the month that revolves around a specific characterbuilding theme.
B.L. GRAY JUNIOR HIGH: Melissa Garza, Diana Cantu
$2474.19 Campus Total

GRANT #2004- WII Can Learn- Amount Awarded $1000.00
Iexpect that special needs children of the ages 3-6 break down barriersand develop skills they might not otherwise be able to learn.
GRANT #2005- AR Advantage- Amount Awarded $541.28
To promote reading and encourage AR testing in the first grade
O. GARZA ELEMENTARY: Jennifer Mealing, Doreen Valaez, Alma Martinez, Mayra Solis 
GRANT #2006 - Lets Be "Tabby SAAVY"- Amount Awarded $2,879.84
Providing students with the opportunity to build depth and knowledge in reading by using technology at the foundation level.
O. GARZA ELEMENTARY: Melissa Galaviz, Kaye Florence, Vianney Paredes, Aracely Villareal
GRANT #2007 - Music Memory- Amount Awarded $1,620.54
To reinforce curriculum though music and to teach music TEKS for 2nd grade.
O. GARZA ELEMENTARY: Susana Alanis, Stacy Moreno, Maribel Rodriguez, Sandra Cantu
GRANT #2009 - Quiz Game Buzzers (funded 1/2)- Amount Awarded $500.00
Student need encouragement to review and prepare for state test assessment.
O. GARZA ELEMENTARY: Dahlia Sanchez, Norma Fuentes, Felicia Moore, Marie Cavazos
$6400.83 Campus Total

GRANT #2053 - Alumni Snapshot Campaign- Amount Awarded $493.55
Promotecollege awareness for ALL students by selecting students from diversecultures and backgrounds enrolled as freshmen in colleges/universitiesfor Fall 2013.
SHARYLAND HIGH SCHOOL: Janie B. Flores, Nicole H. Cruz, M. Gloria Ramirez, Liana Cadena
$493.55 Campus Total
GRANT #2016 - Sparking up Social Studies- Amount Awarded $840.00
The purpose of the grant is to spark up the interest in the area of social studies for all types of learners.
GRANT #2018- Planting & Harvesting- Amount Awarded $999.95
Theexpectation of this project is to reinforce and enrich core subjectssuch as Math, Science, Social Studies and Reading though fundamentalgardening skills.
R. HINOJOSA ELEMENTARY: Kathee Sullivan, Mr. Cantu, Desiree Longoria
GRANT #2019 - Bridging the Gap Middle School Readers- Amount Awarded $1,216.36
Theexpected outcomes are that more 6th grade students will be able toattain their AR goals, increase their reading levels and perform well onthe reading STAAR.
$3,052.31 Campus Total

GRANT #2001- We Knead Digital vocabulary- Amount Awarded $340.28
Beginningin January, the students will enhance the development of their finemotor skills by forming vocabulary words using clay.
GRANT #2049- History: You can Dig It!- Amount Awarded $714.00
Thisarchaeological dig will show the distinction between observations (thediscoveries we make) and inferences (the stories we make up).
J. JENSEN ELEMENTARY: Armando Arechiga, Maria Luisa Salinas
GRANT #2050 - Cognate Project.Proyecto Learning Centers- Amount Awarded $500.00
Studentswill create visual representations of cognate vocabulary words to buildcomprehension and support reading fluency of selected list of cognates.
J. JENSEN ELEMENTARY: Laura Flores, Margarita Galindo
GRANT #2051- Scripts, Student, Action!- Amount Awarded $500.00
We hope to achieve a better understanding of theatre production though real life experience.
J. JENSEN ELEMENTARY: Rebecca Franco, Laura Ocon, Rebecca Carr, Angelita Vazquez, Sharon Cox
GRANT #2058- FOSStering Science Through Action- Amount Awarded $701.65
Today'stechnology tools teach traditional concepts in creative ways thatincrease student involvement, interest and retention. The RMP-12 offershigh-quality marching snares, toms, bass drums, cymbals, and otherpercussion instruments. It also contains a variety of Latin percussion,as well as electronic sounds. The four memory buttons let you store yourfavorite sounds and call them up instantly during your performance.From expanding the choices of sounds and instruments available, tocreating an authentic ensemble experience by playing along with MIDIsequences and song files, students develop creativity and playing skillsin an authentic, real-world setting.
J. JENSEN ELEMENTARY: Nubia Davis, Michele Garza
GRANT #2061 - Night Under the Stars- Amount Awarded $999.90
Thepurpose of "Night Under the Stars" is to expose our population to ahands-on experience with Astronomy using telescopes, star charts, andmaps.
J. JENSEN ELEMENTARY: Joanne Larson, Jennifer Rodriguez, Elisa Sanchez, Melissa Barbosa
$3,755.83 Campus Total

GRANT #2098- Learn Empower & Achieve Potential, Part 2- Amount Awarded $1,112.00
Within the school year, students will develop essential reading, listening, and skills.
MARTINEZ ELEMENTARY: Tanya Longoria, Maritza Hernandez, Marilu Trevino, Nelson Salinas
GRANT #20106- Ipad Mini Authors- Amount Awarded $2,478.00
Studentswill be able to develop a full story that includes writing andillustrations by the end of the school year using a story creator app.
MARTINEZ ELEMENTARY: Tanya Longoria, Maritza Hernandez, Marilu Trevino, Nelson Salinas
GRANT #20107 -Active Learning with E-Instruction's Mobi- Amount Awarded $2,396.00
MobiLearners will enable teachers to create enthusiasm within the classroomwith students wanting the opportunity to use the technology whilepracticing the 4-step problem solving.
MARTINEZ ELEMENTARY: Lanette Misage, Jose Segura
$5,986.00 Campus Total

GRANT #2002- Speedminton- Amount Awarded ·$854.06
To expose/teach realest sports as life-long sporting activities.
GRANT #2025- Eggspert Games- Amount Awarded $500.00
The purpose of the Eggspert Game is to spice up daily activities by using technology and games.
JOHN H. SHARY ELEMENTARY: Audrey Cuellar, Monica Silva, Paula Reyna, Crystal Ponce
GRANT #2027- Give Earth a Chance- Amount Awarded $976.36
Thepurpose of Give Earth a Chance: Recycle is to offer our diversepopulation a variety of recycling activities that motivate studentsacross our campus to recycle.
JOHN H. SHARY ELEMENTARY: Monica Garza, Brenda Salce, Isabel Villarreal
GRANT #2029- Just Use Your Card Mom- Amount Awarded ·$158.89
The purpose of our grant is to help our students make wise decisions based on money using realistic situations..
JOHN H. SHARY ELEMENTARY: Amy Alvarez, Melissa Ochoa
$2,489.31 Campus Total

GRANT #2069- Math MANIA- Amount Awarded $877.48
Throughoutthe academic year all students will manipulate the materials and havethe opportunity to have a hands-on learning approach.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Thanya Montemayor, Monica Salinas
GRANT #2070- Engaging ALL Students in the 21st Century- Amount Awarded $2,172.92
TheE-instruction Touch board will allow students to work at the board withthe pen-and-finger system to solve problems, write sentences, or drawpictures.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Veronica Fausto, Erica Jupe, Deborah Perales, Melissa Molina, Elva Guerra
GRANT #2072-Simply Science- Amount Awarded ·$1,059.70
Throughout the academic year all students will use the materials during science lessons and centers.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Jessica Rivas, Cindy Medina, Sophia Hernandez, Veronica Cantu
GRANT #2075- Chess Anyone Amount Awarded $1,610.77
The purpose is to expose all students to an intellectual game of chess while being physically active.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Sylvia Martinez, Arturo Martinez
GRANT #2076- Primary Picassos- Amount Awarded $735.94
ThePrimary Picassos grant will provide second grade students with theopportunity to build concepts, skills, knowledge, and aestheticawareness through art.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Karla Anzaldua, Michele Galvan
GRANT #2078- Hands-On Science- Amount Awarded ·$796.00
Thesehands on activities will make it fun and easy to learn about Scienceconcepts.  They are ready to use and students will enjoy them in centertime.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Patricia Ramirez, Judith Lopez, Elizabeth Hinojosa, Maria Perez
GRANT #20110- Air Server- Amount Awarded $160.00
Itwill allow the teacher the freedom to walk around the room and monitorstudent learning while her lesson content from her Ipad is shown on theprojector screen.
SHIMOTSU ELEMENTARY: Anthony Limon, David Culberson
$7,412.81 Campus Total

GRANT #2065- Can You Hear Me Now- Amount Awarded $1,260.00
Thebest way for students to learn and remember what is being taught is tohave it presented in a way that guarantees the content is understood.
GRANT #2066- Writing From the Heart- Amount Awarded ·$1,108.60
Itwill take approximately 5 months for students to generate writingsamples of different genres, revise and edit, and publish.  Theresources needed will be writing samples, publishing kits,computers/printers and or BYOD
SHARYLAND NORTH JR. HIGH:Elida Salinas, Debbie Cross, Yvonne Guerra, Jessica Cavazos, Ruben Garza
$2,368.60 Campus Total

GRANT #2043- First Grade A-Z- Amount Awarded $614.65
Thelearning A-Z Programs will be immediately implemented in our FirstGrade Classrooms and used for the duration of the school year.  Theincorporation of technology through RAZ-Kids, Writing A-Z, and ScienceA-Z
WERNECKE ELEMENTARY: Nelda Hammond, Georgina Hernandez, Rachel Montgomery, Olivia Pruneda
GRANT #2044- Fish for Fifth- Amount Awarded $439.95
We hope to install a love and respect for nature by bringing wildlife into our classrooms. 
WERNECKE ELEMENTARY: Monica Garza, Brenda Salce, Isabel Villarreal
GRANT #2046- Get Ready, Set, Focus!- Amount Awarded ·$140.00
Studentswill be expected to use the stability balls in place of classroomchairs.  To ensure success with this nontraditional seating arrangementstudents will have to learn the correct way to control the balls whileusing them for instructions.
$1,194.60 Campus Total
$38,167.83 GRAN TOTAL