School Board

Sharyland ISD School Board
2018-2019 School Board Picture

The Sharyland ISD is controlled locally through a Board of Education Trustees elected by voters within the district. The Board of Education conducts the school program in accordance with the state constitution and the standards set by the Texas Education Agency.

Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith

Vice President
Jose "Pepe" Garcia
Pepe Garcia

Keith Padilla
Keith Padilla

Assistant Secretary
Dr. Noel O. Garza
Began service May 12, 2007

Dr Garza

Dr. Noe Oliveira
Medical Doctor
Previously served 2001-2006, Current service began May 11, 2010
Dr Oliveira


Ricky Longoria, CPA
Partner, Burton McCumber & Cortez, LLP
Began service May 10, 2008
Mr. Longoria's Biography
Ricky Longoria

Julio Cerda, PE
Engineer for South Texas Infrastructure Group, LLC 
Mr. Cerda's Biography

Julio Cerda