Public Comments

By submitting the form below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the District’s Administrative Procedures for Board Policy BED (LOCAL) as listed below. I agree to the terms of these Public Comment procedures.

Special arrangements will be made to allow public comments via a new live streaming method. Those who sign up to speak during the Public Comment section of this meeting must:

  1. Register by signing up via this method before the start time of the meeting on the day of the meeting.  If the District's technology department does NOT receive your submission BEFORE the start time of the meeting, the District will not call you by telephone to participate in the public comments portion of the agenda.
  2. Provide Name, address, telephone number, email address, and specific subject matter to be presented by that person during the public comments.  YOU MUST PROVIDE A TELEPHONE NUMBER for the District to contact you so that you are permitted to participate in the public comments.  Telephone call is the ONLY method for a person to make public comments in the virtual meetings conducted during the COVID-19 emergency.  You will be called by the District just prior to your public comment.
  3. Must limit comments to 5 minutes.