Math Specialist Responsibilities and Duties:

 Instructional and Program Management – PK - 12

1. Provide teacher leadership in the review, development, and revision of content area programs.

 2. Work cooperatively with teachers, C & I staff, department chairs, campus facilitators, and campus administrators in the development and delivery of instructional programs in assigned content area.

 3. Work with teachers to implement formative district benchmark assessments to guide classroom instructional interventions based on data analysis.

 4. Collaborates with teachers to make recommendations for classroom instructional aides and supplemental programs and materials for assigned content area.

 5. Obtain and use student performance data (including subject achievement data) to improve program effectiveness for the assigned content area.

 6. Maintain a current understanding (theory and application) of research based best instructional practices including supplementary materials and instructional technology integration relevant to the assigned content area.

 7. Model instructional best practices with students for the purpose of teacher observing effectiveness and program improvement in the assigned content area.

 8. Provide input on the development of the educational program based on State and Federal standards and data supported student performance.

 9. Assist the classroom teacher with instructional implementation to increase instructional effectiveness as measured by State and Federal accountability standards for the assigned content area.

 10. Collaborate with teachers on program improvement and instructional interventions for students who are at-risk of not meeting federal, state, or district performance standards.

 11. Work with C & I staff and campus teachers for the purpose of ensuring that all accountability measures are met per District Improvement Plan with all objectives and activities monitored and achieved.

 12. Assist teachers with the development of curriculum in the assigned content area via the district’s curriculum management system.

 13. Assist teachers with the implementation of the district’s curriculum management system.

 14. Assist teachers in the implementation and improvement of educational programs in the assigned area.

 15. Utilize technology to deliver classroom instruction to students in the assigned area.

 16. Attend trainings and/or professional development in designated content area.

 Staff Development PK-12

17. Plan and provide staff development for teachers, administrators, and staff in designated content area.

18. Disseminate information regarding current research and significant developments on the state and national levels in area assigned.

19. Observe classroom instruction and provide feedback and assistance to classroom teachers to facilitate improvement and innovation. Demonstrate teaching strategies with students in classroom.